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Guangdong Hopesun Law Firm inaugurated with approval by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Justice in July, 2001. The Firm is a comprehensive law firm that engaged in both domestic and international legal services. The Firm is a highly specialized team which is composed of excellent, high-minded and experienced lawyers. To meet the need of legal service for the world globalization, we take the initiative in adopting a business philosophy and management mode of law firm in line with international practice. Therefore, we provides high-quality and efficient services for clients all over the world.

The Firm locates in Zhu Jiang New Town, the heart of Guangzhou financial center, with highly equipped facilities. The Firm consists of many research groups and departments, and takes the leading position in legal services relating to power, corporation, finance, trade, real estate, litigation and arbitration. The Firm has established close collaborations with many law firms, accounting firms, trademark and patent law firms and notary public offices, thus providing perfect and complete correspondent net work. A majority of the partners of Hopesun have highly impact and good reputation.

We believe honor originated in long-term cooperation, and are always doing our best to establish reliable companionship and mutual development with clients. We have many long-term clients, including China Southern Power Grid Corporation, Guangdong Power Grid Corporation, Lingnan International Enterprise Group, The Second Light Industry Group Co. of Guangdong, The Garden Hotel Guangzhou, Bureau of City Appearance Environment and Sanitation of Guangzhou Municipality, Taiwan Merchant Association Guangzhou, and etc. During long-term cooperations, we have witnessed and contributed to the start-ups, growth and glorious successes of many clients. For any client that attaches importance to long-term interests, Hopesun would be the best assistant and friend.

Practice Areas:
Perennial Legal Counsel Civil Litigation and Arbitration Criminal Litigation
Administrative Litigation Legal Issues relating to contracts, Power and Energy, Real Estate, Finance and corporation

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